Google’s new Pixel Phone Hacked in 60 Seconds



The phones which are giving tough competition to iPhone is none other than Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL which are fabulous cell phones that truly give the iPhone a touch race to win in terms of money and also particularly with regards to taking photographs and recordings. But soon the phone got some bugs when a team of Chinese white hat programmers got their way to hack the phone tagged by Google in just 60 seconds.

This incident happened at PwnFest hacking fest in the city of Seoul . Friday was the day when Google got to know of its vulnerability to virtual code which made its phone prone to hacker’s attack.

Strategy of Hacking

The programmer’s team is known by name Qihoo 360, and this cyber attack made them won $120,000 in real money in the wake of exhibiting an endeavor that made the Google aware of the Bug found in Android and gave them full remote access.The programmers have additionally discovered vulnerabilities in Apple’s upgraded Safari program running on MacOS Sierra in only 20 seconds.

The hack was propelled at the Google Play Store before opening Chrome and by showing a site page that read.This not only gave remote access but also gave additionally access to individual data like messages, telephone calls, contacts and photographs. This is the time when Google is busy in apparently fixing the defect alongside a past defect that made the opponent white cap programmers learn at Tencent’s Keen Labs to rupture the Pixel’s security at the Mobile Pwn2Own occasion in Japan a month ago.

Earlier Records of the Hacking Group

Now Google made people assured that the Chrome bug found by the Keen group had been fixed within 24 hours of the occasion and now it is easy to be used without any defects. It is grateful that such vulnerabilities are found in the hacking environment rather than in real time environment. This will surely help people from real time attacks and these kind of competitions should be held daily. The group likewise ruptured Adobe Flash.

The programmers took just four seconds only to hack Flash. The group left with aggregate $520,000 in prize cash in the wake of hacking Microsoft’s Edge program too. This was the attack which just made people aware of the extraordinary skills involved in hacking. Qihoo 360 is the one who made it possible. AlsoQihoo 360′s security group has been in the spotlight some years ago also when they pulled off a comparative assault on a Tesla Model S. They could control its locks, sound the horn, and even open the sunroof while the auto was being driven.

So the hackers are trained to the extent that they can even attack the phone in just 60 seconds . But they are blessing in disguise that they let us aware of the cyber attacks earlier than live ones.


Google Pixel and the iPhone are equivalent with regards to security of iPhone – Google chairman said which just made people fully assured that the phone has got some outstanding features which make this phone secure. Ludwig said Android would be soon better when he got to know that the bug in the phone let it vulnerable to remote access . But he soon commented after the event that however. “In the long haul, the open biological community of Android will place it in a vastly improved place,” he said.

So this event made us aware that attacks can happen any time and brands like Google even need to make their system less prone to hackers attack. Let’s see the what the hackers do next.

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